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Annual Views Annual Rate
Home Page (default.aspx) 209,228 views $ 2,685
This is where most trail users start

Trip Planning Resources

Annual Views   Annual Rate
Katy Trail Mileage/KM Chart (mileage-chart.aspx) 207,243 views   $ 2,685
Visited by nearly everyone planning a trip, this interactive chart lets users re-orient mileage (and km)
measurements from the town of their choice.
Guidebooks and References (books.aspx) 2,155 views   $ 145
A listing of useful guidebooks and references for Katy Trail travelers
Katy Trail Mileage Grid (mileage-grid.aspx) 11,721 views   $ 385
Katy Trail Elevation Chart (elevations.aspx) 8,212 views   $ 295
Events (events.aspx) 11,719 views   $ 385
Trail users come here to look up organized rides, festivals, and other events along the trail.
Shuttles / Share a Ride (share-a-ride.aspx) 4,448 views   $ 195
Plan a Ride (planner.aspx) 110,172 views   $ 1,745
The most useful trip planning tool we offer, this feature enables users to build customized lists
of trail businesses and services between the towns of their choosing.
Katy Trail Map (katy-trail-map.aspx) 103,418 views   $ 1,745
Trail users are always hungry for maps. Here we have provided town maps and larger regional maps.
Amtrak Along the Katy Trail (amtrak-katy-trail.aspx) 6,369 views   $ 245
Many riders use the train to get from one point on the trail to another. Working Amtrak into a trip
always raises many questions, which are answered here.

Informational Pages

Annual Views   Annual Rate
Katy Trail Tire Selection (tires.aspx) 2,780 views   $ 195
Katy Trail Wineries (katy-trail-wineries.aspx) 12,503 views   $ 435
Comment Forum (forum.aspx) 92,269 views   $ 1,495
Comment Forum Topic (talk.aspx) 86,025 views   $ 1,495
FAQ (faq.aspx) 14,995 views   $ 515
Popular with first-time Katy Trail users, this page answers the most common questions about the trail.
Katy Trail Weather (weather.aspx) 5,126 views   $ 245
Weather is a primary concern for many trail users. This page displays current weather conditions on the trail,
as well as historical averages for temperature and precipitation.
Emergency Contacts (emergency.aspx) 277 views   $ 125
Phone numbers for all county sheriff's offices along the trail - good to print out and bring along on rides.
Katy Trail to Downtown St Louis Directions (katy-trail-to-downtown.aspx) 4,270 views   $ 195
Directions from St Charles to the St Louis Riverfront.
Airport to Katy Trail (airport-katy-trail.aspx) 1,208 views   $ 145
Directions from St Louis Lambert Airport to the Katy Trail
Kirkwood Amtrak to Katy Trail Directions (kirkwood.aspx) 1,766 views   $ 145
Many Katy Trail riders use Amtrak to get from point to point along the trail,
and Kirkwood is the closest station to the trail's eastern end.
This page offers directions fromthe Kirkwood Amtrak station to the trail.
Side Trails (side-trails.aspx) 6,307 views   $ 245
A summary of other trails that connect with the Katy Trail
Page Bridge Missouri River Crossing (page-bridge.aspx) 2,205 views   $ 145
Details about the connector trail linking Creve Coeur Park to the Katy Trail,
via the Missouri River Bridge
MKT Railroad History Along the Katy Trail (mkt.aspx) 3,096 views   $ 195
Many people are interested in the trail's history as a railroad route. This page
describes historical railroad landmarks and artifacts along the trail.
Kansas City (kansas-city.aspx) 6,859 views   $ 295
Someday the Katy Trail will reach into Kansas City; this page discusses
efforts to make the extension a reality.
Ride/Run Reports (trip-report.aspx) 8,197 views   $ 295
A collection of ride reports and journals detailing individuals' Katy Trail trips
Various individual Ride Report pages
(rr.aspx, rrmarty.aspx, rrtrower.aspx rrhenrydaisy.aspx,
rrjennifer.aspx, rrsarah.aspx, rrkim.aspx, sbrown.aspx, SamReport.aspx)
Less than 500 views   $ 125
Some of the ride reports are on external websites, but several are on pages within BikeKatyTrail.com.
Ad space is available on any of the pages listed above.
Boonville Bridge Information (boonville-bridge.aspx) 856 views   $ 125


Annual Views   Annual Rate
Latitude & Longitude (gps.aspx) 2,506 views   $ 195
Town & Business Summary (cities.aspx) 38,481 views   $ 885
Nice overall summary of all towns, and the services available at each.
Augusta Info (augusta.aspx) 15,261 views   $ 515
Bernheimer Info (bernheimer.aspx) 617 views   $ 125
Bluffton Info (bluffton.aspx) 4,548 views   $ 245
Boonville Info (boonville.aspx) 10,669 views   $ 385
Bryson Info (bryson.aspx) 293 views   $ 125
Calhoun Info (calhoun.aspx) 1,728 views   $ 145
Camp Branch Info (camp-branch.aspx) 386 views   $ 125
Case Info (case.aspx) 378 views   $ 125
Claysville Info (claysville.aspx) 977 views   $ 125
Clifton City Info (clifton-city.aspx) 2,626 views   $ 195
Clinton Info (clinton.aspx) 8,351 views   $ 295
Columbia Info (columbia.aspx) 7,192 views   $ 295
Defiance Info (defiance.aspx) 10,146 views   $ 335
Dutzow Info (dutzow.aspx) 4,309 views   $ 195
Easley Info (easley.aspx) 4,391 views   $ 195
Franklin Info (franklin.aspx) 478 views   $ 125
Gore Info (gore.aspx) 1,183 views   $ 145
Green Ridge Info (green-ridge.aspx) 2,067 views   $ 145
Hartsburg Info (hartsburg.aspx) 12,583 views   $ 435
Hermann Info (hermann.aspx) 10,041 views   $ 335
Huntsdale Info (huntsdale.aspx) 5,682 views   $ 245
Jefferson City, MO (jefferson-city.aspx) 7,546 views   $ 295
Lewis Info (lewis.aspx) 319 views   $ 125
Machens Info (machens.aspx) 7,043 views   $ 295
Marthasville Info (marthasville.aspx) 9,988 views   $ 335
Matson Info (matson.aspx) 2,814 views   $ 195
McBaine Info (mcbaine.aspx) 3,903 views   $ 195
McKittrick Info (mckittrick.aspx) 7,482 views   $ 295
Mokane Info (mokane.aspx) 3,492 views   $ 195
New Franklin Info (new-franklin.aspx) 5,652 views   $ 245
N. Jefferson Info (n-jefferson.aspx) 7,498 views   $ 295
Peers Info (peers.aspx) 1,640 views   $ 145
Pilot Grove Info (pilot-grove.aspx) 6,959 views   $ 295
Portland Info (portland.aspx) 4,566 views   $ 245
Prairie Lick Info (prairie-lick.aspx) 1,043 views   $ 145
Providence Info (providence.aspx) 7498 views   $ 295
Rhineland Info (rhineland.aspx) 7,047 views   $ 295
Rocheport Info (rocheport.aspx) 18,704 views   $ 535
Sedalia Info (sedalia.aspx) 11,024 views   $ 385
St Charles Info (st-charles.aspx) 16,509 views   $ 515
Steedman Info (steedman.aspx) 740 views   $ 125
Tebbetts Info (tebbetts.aspx) 6,006 views   $ 245
Treloar Info (treloar.aspx) 3,682 views   $ 195
Wainwright Info (wainwright.aspx) 528 views   $ 125
Washington MO Info (washington.aspx) 3,584 views   $ 195
Weldon Spring Info (weldon-spring.aspx) 7,408 views   $ 295
Wilton Info (wilton.aspx) 793 views   $ 125
Windsor Info (windsor.aspx) 4,406 views   $ 195

Photos & images

Annual Views   Annual Rate
Image (image.aspx) 3,817 views   $ 195
This page is used whenever someone clicks an image for an enlarged view (photos and maps).


Annual Views   Annual Rate
Event Listing (event.aspx) Less than 500 views   $ 125

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