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RIT getting finish rock Chilhowee-Leeton

A top MO State Park official said they will add finish rock soon between Chilhowee-Leeton to make it smoother. It may be several weeks but it will happen. Had to get money allocated, contract with a quarry, schedule for dry weather. He appreciated everybody's patience.
posted Apr 7 2017 6:01PM - moritdirector@gmail.com, Rolla MO

Excellent, we all know when people are given the opportunity they will do the right thing. Thanks to DNR.
posted Apr 7 2017 8:57PM - Anonymous

That is great! Thanks for the update. I rode the RIT a warm weekend in Feb. and was so disapointed by the rough surface in that area. I've done a 100 mile/day on the Katy before so thought 70 mile would be no problem. First 20 or 25 miles out of Pleasant Hill were great, but then it got rough.
Held out for a few miles, but it didn't seem to be getting better. Eventually had to turn around. It was impossible for my road bike. Also when I got home, tire was flat. I was so disapointed b/c I love the Katy and have been so excited for this new RIT. I'm very thankful the DNR was able to see this was a problem and allocate money to fix it! Thanks DNR!
posted Apr 9 2017 11:49PM - Stephanie, St. Charles, MO

This is great news. We were enjoying the new trail until the heavy gravel. It really ruined what was a really great ride.
posted Apr 12 2017 9:10PM - Jody and Paul, Columbia MO

We're thinking of riding the RIT sometime in June. Might you know specific day/date as to when the resurface of smaller rock for smoother surface may be complete? Thank You so much for all the labor intensive hours put forth. We avid bikers are so excited for the completion of the entire RIT across our great state of Mizzou.
posted Apr 16 2017 8:16PM - Anonymous, Pleasant Hill

Oops, submitted b4 question inquiry complete.
Is route from Leeton to Windsor a good smooth riding surface or does also require addition of smaller rock? Thanks again.
posted Apr 16 2017 8:21PM - Anonymous, Pleasant Hill

For the Leeton-Windsor stretch, mostly the trail is in good condition with maybe a couple short sections of rougher terrain.
posted Apr 16 2017 10:04PM - @cknewman, Kansas City

does anyone have an update on when the new layer will be put down? I know we have had a lot of rain and there is construction equipment sitting in Leeton.
posted May 8 2017 10:30AM - KBLS, Lee's Summit

I'm curious about the timing for the final layer as well. We have a group ride scheduled for May 20th, but don't want to ride over the larger gravel that some have described. It may already be complete, I just haven't heard if that is the case. Thanks!
posted May 8 2017 10:57AM - Jay, Liberty

It is not complete but it is not as bad as it was in February. I was on it 2 days ago. Good luck!
posted May 8 2017 1:12PM - KBLS, Lee's Summit

I rode it from Windsor to Pleasant Hill and they're wad at least a couple miles of rough gravel. ..not fun and a bit tiring. It would have been helpful to be riding a mountain bike, but I was on a road bike.
posted May 9 2017 7:03PM - Charmaine, Hyattsville

My husband and I rode from Chilhowee to Leeton just yesterday. Leaving Chilhowee the first 5 or 6 miles are pretty rough and then it eventually smoothed out comparable to the Katy Trail. It definitely made us appreciate the smoothness of the Katy. It is a beautiful ride though and once it is smoothed out will be wonderful to ride.
posted May 15 2017 8:55PM - Pookie D., Richards, MO

Rode the weekend before last from Leeton to a few miles west of 13 and back again. You will definitely notice the shift in surface once you get a mile or two west of Leeton. It's not the bone-jarring experience some friends reported back in late winter, but you will sigh with relief when you pick up the smoother surface in either direction. Other than that, it was a good day on the trail - other than traffic noise and a few pedestrians, we had the place to ourselves!
posted Jun 6 2017 9:30PM - David, Kansas City

Does anyone have an update on the trail condition in the location you all have referred to? We are riding it today and we're curious.
posted Jun 16 2017 9:35AM - Missy, Manhattan, KS

My husband and I rode from Windsor to Chilhowee two weekends ago. It's still bumpy between Leeton and Chilhowee but we were on mountain bicycles so it wasn't bad. Definitely worth the ride no matter what kind of bicycle you're on.
posted Jun 16 2017 11:24AM - David and Joyce, Garden City

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