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Winter trail

As I walk the trail...the beauty is always awesome! Despite the mid-winter... there is always something cool- if you pay attention...even the branches and limbs and leaves resting on the trail remind me of the color, diversity, and protection they once offered... now yielding to the new, ready to explode in a the next few months... even the bare sycamores in the distance, with their ghostly trunks contrasting the browns and greens behind them, reach tall as if to say" We are here and alive! The wind kisses your cheeks and the occasional waft of pole-cat perfume reminds me... tho spring is on the way... don't miss what is yet to come! Ride/Hike the KatyTrail through the Hartsburg Valley and discover...
posted Feb 2 2017 7:56PM - Sarah J Eber, Hartsburg

Sounds like you've taken too big a hit of the polecat perfume.
posted Feb 3 2017 8:55PM - Anonymous

You gotta live it to believe it baby!
posted Feb 3 2017 10:39PM - Sarah J Eber, Hartsburg

I'm thinking pole cat perfume was reference to a real pole cat, aka, skunk.

BTW, say what you want about spring peepers and such being the harbingers of spring. Forget Phil the groundhog.....the real deal indicator is when you start seeing dead skunks on the road. Once they show up, Spring is here!
posted Feb 4 2017 9:29AM - LK, Columbia

You are correct, February and March are mating months for skunks and yes it is an early sign of spring with little kits popping out in May and June. Can do without the odor though. Nice prose Sarah.
posted Feb 9 2017 7:41AM - George H.

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