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People defacing the trail in Chilhowee, mo

The citizens of Chilhowee Missouri would like a stop put to the [xxxxx] family to stop cutting down tree's along side the trail around Chilhowee Missouri they have been cutting down tree's along the sides of the Rock island trail to heat their home with . This family takes it up on themselves to do as they wish to deface the beauty of the trail please put a stop to this as it makes the trail look bad.
posted Jan 10 2017 10:05PM - Anonymous, Chilhowee

Are the tree's on their land? If so, not much you can do about it. I would suggest if you haven't already, talking to them one on one to see if you can reach a compromise. If they are not on their land, whoever owns that land should be contacted. Good luck either way, hate to see the trail defaced.
posted Jan 11 2017 6:47AM - Will

Depending on how close the trees are to the trail, they may be the property of MO DNR. I would imagine cutting down trees in a state park is a no no. Contact Mo DNR.
posted Jan 11 2017 6:51AM - Stu, Lee's Summit

Thank you for reporting this. As mentioned above, this is almost certainly illegal if it’s occurring on the State Park right of way, or if it’s on some other landowner’s property without permission. If it’s on their property, then of course they can do what they want.

The state park right-of-way extends a significant distance past the edge of the trail.

I encourage you to report this to Missouri State Parks (573-449-7402) and to your local law enforcement (Johnson County Sheriff 660-747-6469).

By the way, I’m sorry but for legal reasons, I had to remove the names from your original post.
posted Jan 11 2017 9:20AM - Ray (webmaster)

For the same reasons, wouldn't you want to delete the original posters name too?
posted Jan 12 2017 10:29AM - Anonymous

That's not a bad idea Anon, can't be too careful with that sort of thing, no need for actual names
posted Jan 12 2017 11:04AM - Ray (webmaster)

The trees are along the trail anywhere from a foot to ten feet of the trail up and down the trail.
posted Jan 18 2017 9:44PM - Paul Cox, Chilhowee

Why is nothing being done about this? The trail is like my mother. It feeds us and makes a place for me and my plaything to relax, pick berries and dream dreams. LEAVE US ALONE!!
posted Mar 1 2017 7:24PM - Paul Cox, Chilhowee

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