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Katy Trail Rock Island Spur Comments

Having just ridden the trail this week, I would add that the elevation changes are a combination of all these comments. Definitely more upgrade from Sedalia towards Boonville. What I would say the factors determining how tough it is includes the weather and how much weight you are dragging uphill on your bike. It was 95 the day we did this part at the end of September. Definitely made it harder Great trip though.
posted Sep 30 2016 3:11PM - Skhrnc

Less than 5% due to train engine an weight. That section has some minor "rollers" compared to downhill all the way to St. Charles.
posted Oct 1 2016 7:20AM - George H.

Rode the trail west to east last week (26-30Sep), starting in Clinton. I planned for a one day ride from Sedalia to Rochefort; and it being the longest, hardest day (> 50 miles). I was pulling a one-wheel bike trailer with about 50 lbs.
The ride from Sedalia to Booneville was mildly grueling. I ride in Colorado. Hills. But the uphills always have DOWNhills too. The ride bwtn Sedalia and Booneville is essentially a long 35 mile ramp. Not critically steep, Just LONG. You're basically making a steady, low-grade, climb all the way.
Yes, there are places/ plateaus where it levels out, but your naked eye can also gaze UP a long elevated ramp of 2-3 miles or more.
It's not a difficult steep climb, but it demands constant pressure on the pedals. There's almost no opportunity to COAST, if going west to east.
PS: this was also the section of road where I was run off the path by a State Ranger pickup truck! Caused me to spill the bike and trailer in the gravel. Yes, it really happened
posted Oct 1 2016 8:28PM - TOM WHEATON, Thornton CO

Actually I think Pilot Grove is the high point between Sedalia and Booneville. I rode through that section east in May and west a week ago. I'm undecided as to which direction is harder, But either way it's a climb to Pilot Grove and mostly downhill from there. But you are right. The downhills don't seem like it because you can't coast on the crushed rock roadbed.
posted Oct 2 2016 2:00PM - John Hutchins, Pacific

Hey Tom, I sent your post to my contact at the DNR about the State Ranger. They might want to contact you for further information.
posted Oct 2 2016 6:56PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

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