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What is that Claysville store all about?

Is it just a restaurant? The signs they put on the trail promise a good lunch or dinner, but I've checked Yelp and Urbanspoon and they aren't on there. I don't eat at a place if I can't check out there menu on Yelp/Urbanspoon first.
posted Nov 8 2011 8:55PM - Katy Trail Biker

You are kidding right? Yelp and Urbanspoon, come on you must be under 25 or haven't got out much in your life? Right? If you are a katy biker you must know the places along the trail for some have websites but most are good places that bring in good people by word of mouth and this forum. Take a chance in life and try something not found on the internet. It could change your life. Really.
posted Nov 9 2011 2:51AM - Katy Trail Biker Too

Back in the Pilgram days, those poor folks bout starved to death. With the internet, fat people were conceived. I almost starved until just a few years ago without having yelp or urbanspoon. Now I'm fat and sassy!
posted Nov 9 2011 8:57AM - Anonymous

The Claysville Store has been written up a few times in regional mags and papers. It's a fried-chicken place open fairly short hours on the weekends: evening dinner on Saturday and lunch-dinner on Sunday.

Their food is reportedly very good, esp their biscuits and desserts. A few Katy users have eaten there by walking-in. However, because the place depends on several locals, they like reservations ahead of time, if possible.

You can find their hours on the interactive map above by first clicking on Hartsburg, and then clicking on Claysville in that upper right corner.
posted Nov 9 2011 9:52AM - Anonymous

I haven't ate there, so, I don't know much about it, but, it appears to be on urbanspoon: http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/116/1480929/restaurant/Columbia/Claysville-Store-Hartsburg

It's also talked about here on the site: http://www.bikekatytrail.com/claysville.aspx

Happy peddling!
posted Nov 9 2011 10:06AM - Hess, Columbia

If you are an Urbanspoon or Yelp user, wouldn't you want to be the first to review a new spot? Take a chance.
posted Nov 18 2011 3:18PM - Anonymous

Thanks Hess! I can't believe that I missed the review on Urbanspoon and it's quite popular with 86% liking the food! I hope to try it soon. To the first replier: you don't have an iphone, do you?

Posted from my ipad 2
posted Nov 20 2011 4:12AM - KTB

KTB, I have an iPhone, iPad and mac air. Life is good outside the matrix sometimes. Ask Neo.
posted Nov 21 2011 5:25PM - Katy Trail Biker Too

You call yourself Katy trail biker, I suggest you do not ride the Katy trail and save yourself the agony of no phone service or internet.
posted Nov 22 2011 11:54AM - Dan , Iowa

What is it about the internet that brings out the troll in people? If the original poster doesn't want to eat at a place he can't find on yelp or urban spooon why the hell do I care. Yeah...they may be miising some opporitunities but it's no skin off my azz. To each their own.......
posted Nov 22 2011 5:39PM - Jim, St Thomas

Your right KTB and Jim, even though I would have tried the place without checking the web and 86% agreed on the food site, it has good food, an I do have direct access to those sites but not on the trail, I will be more tolerant. How about moving the OWS people to the katy trail? But I digress.
Keep on riding the trail.
posted Nov 22 2011 6:14PM - Katy Trail Biker Too

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