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I believe I read the comments on tires for the Katy trail carefully and didn't see my choice listed so here's one more option: Continental's Ultra Gatorskins. These kevlar belted, smooth tires in size 28mm, got me over 500 miles of the Katy without a flat using ordinary tubes. My riding partner also uses kevlar belted tires of the same size, but experienced 7 flats as we rode side by side. I also used these tires on roads for better than 1500 miles and flatted once in Colorado because of a goat's head thorn, and once in the Ozarks due to a arrowhead shaped flint shard which is very similar to glass. My son-in-law flatted 7 times on the same ride in Colorado. These experiences may not reach statistical significance, and I was wearing my lucky socks most of the time, but I'll be on the GatorSkins again for the next Katy Ride in June.
posted Apr 20 2010 10:01AM - Anonymous

I also use the Gatorskins with success on the Katy. I use the regular Gatorskins (25mm) for shorter distances on the Trail, when riding a mix of road/Trail. For dedicated Trail rides, I use Gatokin Hardshells, 28mm. But, I only ride w/o gear and when the Trail is fairly dry. I'd definitely go wider w/ gear or a wet track.
posted May 8 2012 1:53PM - The Fox, Columbia, MO

Too thin for me. They may be fine for the middle of the trail in dry/packed conditions, but the transition areas, loose areas, ruts, road crossings, edge, etc. make riding on 28's a dangerous game to me. Why would you do that? To go fast? So that your hands, feet, and butt go numb? Makes no sense to me.
posted May 9 2012 9:20AM - SalsaBoy

I feel fortunate to have switched to Continental Gatorskins over 1500 Katy miles ago. So far, no more flats on the Katy. One thing that surprised me was learned when helping others with flats, and it was a problem with some tire treads picking up rocks, shards, and "arrow heads". The Gatorskins have the slightest treads and smoothest surfaces I could find. Once I thought I needed treads for grip but learned it is not the case at all for me. I have used 25, 28 and 32mm width sizes with no problems with flats or traction. Hope others can share their thoughts on tire choices.
posted Apr 7 2015 5:25PM - Dirigo, Springfield, MO

Any slick or slight inverted tread on Gatorskins or elcheapo's.
posted Apr 7 2015 6:07PM - Anonymous

Agree with SalsaBoy, 28s maybe good if you are riding roads doing 20+ mph to get to the trail and then going back on the road to get home but just for the trail too slippery on the loose rock and crevices.
posted Apr 11 2015 10:21AM - Anonymous

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