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Trail riding with a road bike.

I am in the process of making some modifications to a road bike that I would like to use for trail riding. I have added MTB handlebars and fitted it with new levers and cables. The problem that I am running into is that I can not find a tire with the correct height clearance. I have plenty of width. Any advice on a pair of tires that will not break the bank that have a low height? I'm looking for something in the $20-$30 range.
posted Jul 30 2009 9:56AM - erik anderson

Do 700 X 28mm's fit on your bike as they do with most other road bikes? If so, consider Hutchinson Pythons. The tread and belts are ideal for the trails but they are heavier than pure road tires. They have these in 32's also but I'm guessing those won't fit.

Check their website. The companies don't tend to list the cross-sectional height of the tires but they may respond to an email.
posted Aug 3 2009 10:38AM - MLH, Overland Park, KS

Thanks MLH.
posted Aug 4 2009 8:18AM - erik anderson

Erik I made a mistake in my post. The Hutchinson model that I meant for you is the ACROBAT 700 X 28, not the Python. Sorry about that.
posted Aug 4 2009 9:53AM - MLH, Overland Park, KS

Used the Acrobats on a ride from Clinton to St. Charles in May and really liked them.
posted Aug 5 2009 9:01AM - chris

I used Continental Ultra Gatorskins size 700 X 28 for entire trail without flattening and even after a severe downpour it didn't sink into the crushed limestone.
posted May 9 2010 8:47AM - Springfield JD, Springfield, MO

I rode the trail on 700x25 bontrager slicks once. The ony flat I got was on the paved road in Sedalia. Ironic?

Like the others mentioned, I would go with a 700x28 tire with a slight knobbie tread. The 28s should fit any road bike.
posted May 9 2010 4:01PM - Anonymous

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