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Medical facilities

Are there any medical facilities, hospitals, doctors offices etc near the trail. In case of medical emergencies or accidents etc i want to know the nearest facilities. Thank You.
posted May 4 2007 6:23AM - JG, CA

Clinton has some sort of hospital. Also, Sedalia, Boonville, Columbia, Jefferson City, and Hermann (I think) and Washington. Any further east of there, you are getting into the St. Louis metro area. The most complete facilities are going to be in Columbia, Jeff City and St. Louis. The others are more community hospitals. There may be doctors in some of the other towns, such as Windsor and Pilot Grove, but I am not sure.
posted May 4 2007 10:53PM - GC, Columbia, Mo.

University hospital in Columbia is a Level 1 trauma center and they offer curb service with choppers.
posted May 5 2007 9:51AM - Arkie

I put together a list of hospitals and added to the "emergency contact" page:

Katy Trail hospitals and emergency contact numbers
posted May 15 2007 7:13AM - Ray (webmaster)

j g,

your best bet is just to dial 911 and by all means, know your location. 911 will get you help the fastest. if you would happen to need an air ship ( helicopter), better make sure you have excellent insurance. a flight will hit you in the area of $10,000-$12,000 dollars. not trying to scare you, just informing. like i said earlier, just dial 911 and know your location. that is your best bet above all else.

have fun, be careful, happy bikin.
posted May 15 2007 5:25PM - missouri resident

Amen to the cost of AirEvac. My wife had to use it last fall and had Blue Cross medical. The bill was $17,000 of which they paid $8,000 leaving me with a $9,000 bill to pay.
posted May 16 2007 8:41AM - trinjboro, Jonesboro, AR

trinjboro, jonesboro, ark.

count your lucky stars blue cross covered any of it at all. the majority of blue cross, or at least the coverage my brother in law has at chrysler does NOT cover air ship or ambulance from scene to hosp, unless it is life threatning. who decides what is life threatning?????? the medics on the ambulance or the woderful insurance co. sorry, off the subject.

didn't know air evac had gone up that much. last time i used an air ship from air evac or arch out of st louis, the cost was around $8,000.00--10,000, but that was a while back. hope your wife is o k now.

happy bikin folks.
posted May 18 2007 12:04PM - missouri resident

I Just Wonder If Obamacare is paying anything!!
posted Sep 16 2014 1:48PM - In Need Of

If I would have to worry about an Air Evac when riding the KT I would think about possibly riding closer to hospitals, JG.
posted Sep 18 2014 11:46AM - Anonoh

Love it when folks make wise cracks towards a post that is only 7 years old...
posted Sep 18 2014 7:52PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

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