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Riding from Lee Summit

I am planning a trip with some friends to bike pack the Katy and Rock island trail. We had planned to start in Lee Summit and go all the way to Machens. I just realized the section of trail from Lee Summit is not complete. How feasible and safe are the roads from Lee Summit to Pleasantville to get on the trail? Has anyone done it? What route would you take? Thanks in advance for any advice.
posted Jan 26 2018 1:28PM - John, Cedar Rapids iowa

There are multiple safe routes to take from Lee's Summit to Pleasant Hill where you will pick up the Rock Island Connector. It depends where in Lee's Summit you may start from. If you spend a little time and scroll through previous comments and/or go to the Rock Island link. You can get some detailed routes. You may consider starting in Greenwood or Pleasant Hill. Crossing 50 highway was not fun.

Unless you want to say you went to the end in Machens, I would never ride that stretch again and just stop in St. Charles. There is nothing in Machens. You just stop in a clump of trees by railroad tracks and a corn field.
posted Jan 26 2018 4:05PM - KB-LS, Lee's Summit

I had a couple of minutes and couldn't find the directions. You will have to look closely at a map to see the directions. The starting spot is 291 North and 50 Highway in Lee's Summit. Along side Home Depot.
South on Hamblen Rd to Gambrell Street
West on Gambrell Street to 19th Ave. N
South on 19th St N to Elm
West on Elm to 20th St. Ave S to Allendale Road
East on Allendale Rd. to S. Allendale Lake Rd.
South on Allendale Lake Rd. to County Rd.
East on County Rd. which turns into S. Groll Rd to E. 171st St
East on 171st St to S. Gray Dr.
South on S. Gray Dr to E. 175th St.
East on 175th St. to Old Mo Pac Trail or Boardman Rd.
South on either route and they will take you close to downtown Pleasant Hill. The Rock Island Trail will start at the Cass County Fair Grounds. Couple of notes:
- If anyone has a better or safer route please let me know.
- The route is the least traveled roads I could find.
- It is only about 15 miles and the directions look harder than they are.
- Refill water and get food as you will hit a dry spell until you get to Chilhowee where there is a Corner Store in town

Good Luck!!.
posted Jan 26 2018 4:48PM - KB-LS

I live in Lee's Summit. I work weekends, and am generally off during the week. I have a bike rack that is sized for standard bikes ( i.e., non recumbent ), holds 2 bikes, tray style. I could possibly help someone out who needed to be driven from LS to Pleasant Hill to get on the RIT.

You can ride it, but I've driven the route and it's not my personal favorite bike route.

The advice you've been given regarding Machens vs. STC is correct. I'd go to St. Charles rather than Machens.

contact info is 88---r---100---rt@---gmail.com if I can be of assistance

(no hyphens)

posted Jan 27 2018 12:20AM - Matt Brickell, Lee's Summit

I took Amtrak to Lee's Summit last October and stayed in Lee's Summit the first night. The ride from Lee's Summit to Pleasant Hill was not bad, there was only one stretch of about 4 miles on a busy highway. Once you are done with that it is gravel roads and a bike path the rest of the way to Pleasant Hill.
I finished my ride on the Katy in Machens just to complete the entire distance, really nothing to see from St Charles to Machens.
posted Jan 28 2018 10:01AM - MPH, ST Louis

So here is my route. I've been riding this route for years. I have lived in Pleasant Hill, Greenwood, and Lee's Summit and this is the best threw all 3 cities to get to the trail. Unfotunually I'm unable to figure out how or if you can jis t save a Google map. So here are 2 pictures that I posted to Facebook. Not sure this will work but here it goes nothing.


If it doesn't work or you have questions, I'll do whatever I can to help.
posted Jan 30 2018 8:33PM - Alex Pirnie, Lee's summit

I would like to take the train to Lee's Summit or Warrensburg from STL arriving W night 3/14. From there am looking for a shuttle over to Pleasant Hill in order to ride on to Windsor on the RIT then on to Boonville and Jeff City on the Katy to catch the train back to STL.

Anyone know of a good shuttle service from Lee's Summit, Warrensburg or even Sedalia?

Thanks in advance.
posted Mar 5 2018 11:21AM - Steve Plattner, Cincinnati

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