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Katy Trail Rock Island Spur Comments
Rock Island Trail Windsor to Chilhowee

My friend and I rode from Windsor to Chilhowee on the Rock Island Trail and we both feel it's better suited for mountain bike or fat tire type bikes. We were really disappointed with the large gravel they used for the surface and got beat up riding it with our hybrid skinny tire bikes. Anyone know if the surface is going to stay that way or if they know of any plans to make it more suitable for all type bikes? Thanks for any input :)
posted Feb 21 2017 3:01PM - Trek FX Rider

We did Pleasant Hill to Chilhowee on Saturday and the surface was fantastic until a mile west of Chilhowee. Then it was as you described, no fun. Sad to hear that continues to Windsor. Guess we'll skip ahead to the Katy. Happy trails...
posted Feb 21 2017 5:04PM - JR, Lee's Summit

A friend and I noticed your issue too. Immediately to the East and extending for approx. 6 miles was a patch of larger gravel over the trails surface with no packed double-track yet established. This was the only portion that was less than perfect, although nothing to reroute a trip for. The trail was back to normal before we reached Leeton. Again, this was the only stretch between P-Hill and Windsor that was even remotely unmanicured.
posted Feb 22 2017 10:56AM - unknown

Yeah, I encountered this today. For some reason, someone stiffed the State and used a poor grade of rock in the Chilhowee area and east. It's a shame because it really reduces the fun factor in that area.
posted Feb 23 2017 10:06PM - MB, Lees Summit

To avoid this section... take HWY 2 between Leeton and Chilhowee. Big hills, but no large gravel. Choose your poison.
posted Feb 28 2017 8:22AM - unknown

Here's an update from the Rock Island Trail Facebook page regarding the condition of the trail from Windsor to Chilhowee:

Chilhowee to Leeton is rougher than the Katy for now, but Jim from Warrensburg noted on Feb 19 that it will only get better and it is great to have the 47 miles open. A State Parks official has since confirmed the issue but didn't know the timetable for further improvement. For now, ride fat tires at lower pressures. Note the blue gates that can be opened to temporarily block the trail so cattle can cross.
posted Mar 2 2017 3:13PM - A Cyclist, Lee's Summit

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