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Historic stops along the entire trail

Our biking group loves history. We need to know if there is a resource out there that captures all of the historic stops such as battlefields, museums, house tours, along the entire trail. We will be riding the trail in June & plan our stops around battlefields & other historic info. We understand the railway IS historic but we are asking for more. Example: we have done the Allegheny Passage & stopped in Antietam. We had a battlefield TOUR Guide that was outstanding! We are now spoiled and want that resource everywhere! Please let me know if you have insight on this topic. THANKS!
posted Jan 30 2017 10:15AM - Pennsylvania Karen, Latrobe-Home town of Arnold Palmer

To my knowledge, there were no Civil War battles near the Katy Trail route. However, there are many sites of historical significance. Lewis & Clark's route, railroad history, several good museums covering history, art, music, all kinds of stuff.

To see what's out there:
1. In the links just under the map at the top of this page, click "Trip Planner"
2. Select "Point of Interest" (camera)
3. Click the Build My List button.

This gives you a list of all "interesting" points along the trail. Some are probably just what you're looking for, such as museums. Others are fun and quirky things like Boathenge or Standing Rock.

Also note that the trip planner only includes spots ON the trail, so it does not include the numerous sites in our state capitol, Jefferson City. Click Jefferson City in the map at the top of this page, and look for all the sites with the camera icon. In particular, the Missouri State Penitentiary tour is really coool.

Good luck with your trip planning - you'll love Missouri and you'll love the Katy Trail!

PS - I did not know Arnold Palmer was from Latrobe. But Rolling Rock, on the other hand.....
posted Jan 30 2017 10:58AM - Ray (webmaster)

THANK YOU. Your reply helped a lot. We will have a chase vehicle with us on this trip therefore, we are willing to venture out from the trail once we finish riding for the day and check in to our hotel. So if you are aware of any battlefields within a 50 mile radius, I will bring you a Rolling Rock in exchange for that info!!! THANKS AGAIN.
posted Jan 30 2017 11:06AM - Pennsylvania Karen, Latrobe-Home town of Arnold Palmer

Sorry I have not commented on this yet. I am very interested in the Civil War, but unfortunately I do not know of battle sites near Jefferson City. Others may be able to help more in that area. But for other things your group may find enjoyable in Jefferson City:

1. Go to Missouripentours.com for information on tours at the old Misosuri State Pennitentiary (MSP). Our Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) runs the tours. In April their offices moved to a beautiful historic building at 700 E. Capitol Ave across the street from MSP. They have a museum in the building that is very interesting. Since you are history buffs I recommend you book a historic tour, which is probably 3 hours, rather than the 1 1/2 hour tours. The longer history tours go more in depth about things your group would probably find interesting. To me, the best tour guide is a friend of ours, Mark Schrieber, who retired from the Dept. of Corrections and worked at MSP for many years. He is a city councilman now. The CVB recently announced they are booking tours now for the coming season so you could call now and get information about the tours.

2. If you do nothing else, go to the Capitol and see the Thomas Hart Benton mural. The Capitol is open every day except Christmas and maybe 2 or 3 other days. They are open 8 to 5 and have tours, probably every hour on the hour, that are free. You do not need to make reservations. Go to the desk at the main entrance on the south side of the Capitol (river is on the north side), and ask about a tour. If you don't have time for a tour, just ask how where the Thomas Hart Benton mural is and go see it. There is also a wonderful history and natural history museum on the main floor of our Capitol. Missouri's Capitol is one of the most wonderful in the country. So check it out. And let us all know whether you agree.

3. I know you are history buffs, but what you should do is plan for a one-two day stay in Jefferson City and stop and smell the roses here. And eat the ice cream. Go to Central Dairy for that. Ask anyone how to get there and they will tell you. I think they close at 5 and probably are not open on Sun.

4. Another neat place is the Runge Nature Center. You should NOT try to bike there, but it is worth a cab ride. By June we may have Uber, so you could also do that if City Council passes a bill they are considering to allow UBER in Jefferson City.

5. Book your stay now at the Cliff Manor B & B, which is about 1 1/2 blocks from the access to the Pedestrian/Bike Path over the Missouri River. There's a great Irish pub in the immediate vicinity where you can have lunch and supper, Paddy Malone's. They are probably closed on Sun. and Mon. There is also a bike shop in that area that can help you if you need anything.

6. Sometime in June I think there will be a tour of the Old City Cemetary/Woodland Cemetary on East McCarty. I believe what they will do is focus on the stories of people buried there, and in some cases connect them to the places where they lived in Jefferson City. If that tour happens to be at the time your group is here, I am sure you would enjoy it.

Ok, maybe I covered 75% of what you could do here. I will try to remember to post the date of the tour I described in #6 when I have that. I'm pretty sure your group would love visiting Jefferson City. Did I mention we were chosen the Most Beautiful Small Town in American by Rand McNally a couple of years ago? I think the video for that contest is still available on the CVB's website, check it out.
posted Feb 2 2017 11:08PM - cathy, Jefferson City

You won't find many major battlegrounds, as a lot of this was going on:


People who lived in the area went through some really tough times as there were supporters of both sides, living side by side. Generally under Union control, but with bands of Guerrillas riding around. If they thought you supported the Union, they would shoot you. As a consequence, there as a lot of movement of troops and such up and down both sides of the river, and a lot of skirmishes, but not many major battles. Battle of Lone Jack may have been one of the best known. Lone Jack is close to Pleasant Hill on the RI Trail.

You can still see some remnants of Antebellimm homes along some parts.

The old town of Franklin doesn't look like much now, but was the starting place of the Santa Fe Trail.

Sedalia was a big railroad town and once upon a time a terminal end of cattle drives coming up from the south.
posted Feb 3 2017 6:07AM - LK, Columbia

For civil war era history buffs, there is another thing you might find interesting. Order #11


That stuff took place in the Pleasant Hill region, and points farther west to the Kansas Line, but was prevalent all over.

A lot of this was depicted in the Clint Eastwood movie "The Outlaw Jose Wales". It also forms the basis for the border feud between MO and KA that in some minds, still goes on to this day.

The original Missouri Tigers were a Company of local militia that guarded Columbia from such raids. That is where the University of MO mascot got it's name. The Jayhawkers from KA were also militia and where University of Kansas got it's name. So in some ways the border war has never ended.
posted Feb 4 2017 1:16AM - LK, Columbia

Try this link and see what you can find - Boonville is on the KT and Glasgow is not far to travel by car.

Enjoy your trip...the Katy is one of my favorite places to be!

posted Feb 5 2017 6:46PM - Robin Ausmus, Macon

I would recommend the Haysler House B&B in Clinton where the KATY trail starts or ends.The house is an historic landmark with superior accomodations done in the Chateauesque queen anne style. It has great food (Check out Trip Advisor) and the town has the largest square in Missouri as well as arguably the nicest small town museum in the mid-west. Call 660885-2117. R.Barnes owner
posted Feb 13 2017 1:44PM - Annette Barnes, Clinton, MO

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