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Hotels on Rock Island

Considering a ride from Windsor to Pleasant Hill and back. Will need a hotel along the way. Any suggestions?

posted Jan 29 2017 1:46PM - RamblerBill, Springfield

Hey Rambler Bill, We are looking at doing this in Spring and have thought we would check on Kim's Cabins in Windsor. Hope this helps!! Happy trails!!
posted Jan 29 2017 5:26PM - PapaandMimi, Springfield

Thanks but we will be starting and ending in Windsor and are looking for a place to stay on the west end. Enjoy your trip!

posted Jan 29 2017 7:33PM - Anonymous

You may need to change directions - currently there are no lodging options on the Rock Island outside of Windsor (anyone out there correct me if I'm wrong). Some maps show a B&B in Pleasant Hill but it actually closed a year or two ago.

No doubt some enterprising person will eventually open a B&B in Pleasant Hill, or somewhere between PH and Windsor, and will be very successful.

Good luck and have fun!
posted Jan 30 2017 8:39AM - Ray (webmaster)

There was a place called Mulberry Hill B&B in PH, but it closed some time in the last year or so. Not sure of anywhere else to stay in town. PH is a bit odd in that it's not really on a main route to anywhere, a bit off the beaten path. Nothing has really popped up in the way of hotels that I'm aware of.
posted Feb 3 2017 12:04AM - MB

I think your only options on the west end would be a hotel in Harrisonville or Lee's Summit
posted Feb 5 2017 9:52PM - EB, Greenwood

We have the best accommodation on the entire trail in Clinton. We offer free connections to Windsor from Clinton or vice versa, provided you are staying with us. Call me at 660-885-2117. roger
posted Feb 13 2017 1:12PM - Annette Barnes, Clinton, MO

In my opinion, it's crucial that the RIT be completed to at least Lee's Summit. Once that happens, it opens up a lot of lodging options to anyone riding NW from Windsor. Population of LS is nearly 100k. Numerous restaurants, hotels, bike shops, etc.

A Lee's Summit trailhead will open the trail up to a lot of Kansas Citians. More use = more support for the trail. Many viable options for food and lodging mean riders will be encouraged to ride n/w from points s/e.

Right now, you're out of luck if you want to stay at the north/west end. Nothing in PH. A shame, because that's probably a real turn off for people who would want to ride toward PH from Windsor.
posted Feb 16 2017 12:01AM - MB, Lee's Summit

MB, I agree with your assessment. The RIT to Lee's Summit with trailhead is crucial.
posted Feb 16 2017 6:30AM - Stu, Lee's Summit

I agree with MB, completion to Lees Summit is a critical step in the development of the trail. It opens the prospect of riding the trail to a million or more people. I also think its crucial for some kind of lodging between Lees Summit and Windsor. This would be a 6o plus mile day, which is a lot for all but the most hardened rider.
Another real advantage to a trailhead in LS is Amtrak has a stop there.

Just my 2 cents worth

posted Feb 16 2017 7:46AM - Allen, Shawnee

X10 on extending to Lees Summit. In the meantime, DNR should be trying to move heaven and earth to get Amtrak to do a whistle stop to let riders off in P Hill.

On the lodging question, what is a reasonable amount you folks would pay for a clean, safe, overnight place to stay?

I'm thinking Airbnb. Either folks in towns like Chillhowee, Leeton or even landowners along the trail should be taking advantage of this.
posted Feb 16 2017 4:49PM - LK, Columbia

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