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Is the elevation at Hartsburg correct? After the 93 flood the trail thru town was raised.
posted Sep 11 2014 12:07PM - Anonymous

Well, if it was raised, it is not noticeable. Seems very flat all along there.
posted Sep 11 2014 1:37PM - Don, Ellisville, MO

If it was raised the trailhead and all the houses and buildings near it are raised too.
posted Sep 13 2014 7:59AM - Pseudio

The trail thru Hartsburg is indeed flat. You might notice though a significant grade change just south of Hartsburg. This grade change indicates how much the trail was raised through town after the 93 flood.
posted Oct 27 2014 6:04AM - Anonymous

Anon, what do you mean trail was raised exactly from the flood? A significant grade change too? Are we talking inches or feet?
posted Oct 28 2014 11:18AM - Pseudio

After the 93 flood the trail was raised several feet. I am just trying to figure out what the new sz8yb4elevation of the trail is.
At the Hartsburg sign on the Katy trail coming from Jefferson City you can see the difference in elevation.
posted Nov 2 2014 6:17AM - Anonymous

I suppose you could take a ride to Hartsburg and take a measurement if it is that important...
posted Nov 2 2014 8:14PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

It looks like it's around 561 according to the Corps of Engineers
posted Nov 2 2014 8:58PM - Hank

The website here says Hartsburg is 564 but when was that taken and how was it taken? So now with the USACE it is 561? 3 feet less?
posted Nov 3 2014 8:28PM - Pseudio

I would not rely on the absolute accuracy of the measurements on BikeKatyTrail's elevations.aspx page. Back when I built that web page, someone provided the elevation profile, which he had obtained from his GPS unit while riding the trail. The numbers that appear are from points in the various towns, but may vary abit from the towns' "official" elevations. The webpage was really just intended to give trail riders an idea of what to expect in elevation changes between towns. Obviously something from the Army Corps of Engineers or similar agency is much more authoritative.
posted Nov 3 2014 9:32PM - Ray (webmaster)

Actually the elevations used on the elevation profile on this page were taken from the elevations posted on the various trailhead displays when I rode the trail. I took them as the official elevations since they were posted by the DNR and any gps device reading can be affected by varying air pressures, etc. Heck, If you believe in global warming raising the sea levels, any rise in the trail could easily be easily offset by the rise in the sea level. :-)
posted Nov 4 2014 9:33PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

So Gary, the old ways were using brass monuments for set points for surveying. With my limited surveying knowledge, now GPS satellites have fixed? known elevations and the distance to the ground point is the calculated elevation? Like you said weather can effect GPS satellites. A high point fixed ground monument seems to me to be more a reliable set point (if close to the river and Hartsburg) to show elevation change.
posted Nov 6 2014 6:30AM - Pseudio

We raised the trail in Hartsburg to 32 feet, the same as the big levy along the river, after the 1995 flood.
posted Nov 6 2014 11:06AM - M Rodemeyer, Hartsburg

So flood stage at Booneville is 21 ft, and DNR says from MM 153.6 (Harts burg) to MM 157.9 at 27.9 ft. trail is closed. And you raised it to 32 ft. to the levee, sounds like you have some protection. Maybe it was raised 3 ft?
posted Nov 8 2014 4:09PM - Pseudio

We had to get DNR approval and the National Guard to do the work. the trail was raised about 3 feet and is rated at 32 feet. Any new houses have to be raised above the flooding level. The trail slopes at each end of town to reach the 32 foot level. If needed we can still sandbag the trail to a higher level. The 1993 flood was 38 foot 6 inches which we never want to see again.
posted Nov 9 2014 3:57PM - Michael Rodemeyer, Hartsburg

Mike, what would be the conversion from 32 feet trail height to mean sea level (MSL) be?
The county planners only talk in terms of sea level.
posted Nov 12 2014 9:09AM - SAM, Hartsburg

Mr. Pitcher "the tomato has just self ejected."
posted Nov 12 2014 6:48PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

Too many brewskys Gary? Or is that like punkin chunkin?
posted Nov 13 2014 4:26AM - Pseudio

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