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Katy up to Holts Summit (Best Value Inn)

I'm in need of some directions from Katy Trail to Holt's Summit's Best Value Inn. I talked with the motel and she stated that there was an extension from the main trail up to Holt's Summit, is this true and does anyone have any other suggestions to ride up to the motel.
thanks in advance...
posted Jun 5 2014 10:25AM - stl_biker, St. Louis

When you get to the N. Jeff City parking lot, look up the hill and go that way 6-8 miles. As the lady at the front desk told me: "They don't call it the river VALLEY for nothing." Be ready to climb, climb, climb. Dining choices are limited too. But in the morning, it is a long down hill ride--that was fun.

I suggest you cross the bridge to Jeff City, stay in Tebbetts, stay in Hartsburg, or come up with another plan.
posted Jun 5 2014 11:48AM - ArkyKenny

If I were you I would read all the comments about getting to the Best Value Inn under their link on the North Jefferson page. There is no trail extension, it is about 4 miles riding hilly frontage road of Hwy 54 and most have not had luck using the shuttle they state is available. There are much better options across the bridge in Jefferson City or staying in Hartsburg or the shelter in Tebbetts.
posted Jun 5 2014 12:20PM - MidSouth, Rogersville

I lived on that bluff some years back. They put in a spur to the KT on the NE side of the overpass going east. You follow it up the hill until you hit S. Summit Dr. Turn left and cross the highway and keep riding slowing up for about 2 miles. Used to be Summit winery up there for a quick drink stop. It does climb for about a mile. The Best Value is on the right. I would say the distance is a little less going to the Best Value then crossing the river into Jeff City.
posted Jun 6 2014 7:31AM - Anon

I don't think Anon has very good map reading skills. If you use Google maps you will see that it is about 6.4 miles from the trail head to the Best Value in Holt's Summit and about 2.4 miles to the Capital Plaza Hotel in Jeff City.
posted Jun 6 2014 9:38AM - MidSouth, Rogersville

Map reading skills, come on mid-south, being condescending is not part of the KT bike riders credo. These were guess estimates. I assume if some one is making a riding decision after a long day on the trail, they will practice "accurate map reading skills".
posted Jun 10 2014 9:53AM - Anon

Not condescending, state you used to live in the area, so one would think your guessing estimates would be a little better, since Holt's Summit is more than twice as far as Jeff City, not a little less. If I was not familiar with the area and had just put in a long, hard, hot day on the trail I don't think I would appreciate being misled by anon posters.
posted Jun 10 2014 11:36AM - MidSouth, Rogersville

The first 2 miles of that climb (of 6+ miles) is very steep, and the last 4+ is no leisurely day ride. I doubt that most novice riders could do it: It is very doable by intermediate and above riders. In any case, it's nice to know it is coming.

That was my problem with going there: The lady told me they were "Right off the trail." If one is heading west, then that would be correct--turn right off the trail. If one is heading east, then turning left would be more appropriate. But as it was used, "Right off the trail" indicated to me that it was very close to the trail. To most people, 6+ miles uphill (up the Summitt) on a bike is not very close to the trail, therefore, it is not "Right off the trail."

For Katy riders, and IMO, there are better lodging choices than Best Value Inn in Holt's Summit.
posted Jun 10 2014 1:22PM - ArkyKenny

You fine gents are correct. Most people riding the KT have made a conscious choice to avoid any inclines, not hills of any % (like the hills on 94), even the accordion ramp bridge going over the MO River into Jeff City or the baby hills around the capitol. Going 6 more miles of which Arky is right just the first 2 are even considered inclines, would be a downer at the end of long hard flat day on the trail. Best Value Inn is not worth the pain.
posted Jun 11 2014 11:47AM - Anon

Stay in Hartsburg, rooms and great food just steps away from the trail and just a few miles west of Jeff city. That hill to Hartsburg is a killer.
posted Jun 16 2014 7:56AM - Billy, Mokane

post above should have said that hill to Holt Summit is a killer. Even My old 6 Cylinder Ram gives me a dirty look when going up that thing.
posted Jun 16 2014 9:47PM - Billy, Mokane

It should also say that "just a few miles west" is almost 11 miles. :-)
posted Jun 17 2014 7:40AM - Jim, St Thomas

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