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Anyone planning to attempt the Katy in One Day this Friday June 21, 2013? (Clinton Start)
posted Jun 18 2013 2:25PM - John Mathias, Olathe, KS

John, the organized DNR riders should be done by 7-8PM when you coast into St. Charles or Machens, if its not underwater. Good luck and post us your time and experience.
posted Jun 18 2013 3:43PM - Pseudio

Friday June 21, 2013
Clinton to St Charles (Trail closed to Machens).
The Katy Trail is an amazing State Park. If you haven't checked it out you should! The Trail conditions and scenery was wonderful. The weather was a little Hotter and Windy then I would have requested. It wasn't this HOT but my Edge said 102F. The Katy Trail is wonderful everyone should make time to enjoy it!

Garmin Data:
232 Miles
15:27 Moving time.
15 MPH Moving Avg
18:05 Total time
Max Temp 102.2 (It was hot but not that hot.)

Salsa Fargo Ti
MSO Explore, 60 PSI
posted Jun 23 2013 12:35PM - John Mathias, Olathe, KS

Awesome ride! Congratulations.
posted Jun 23 2013 1:47PM - El Toro

Good stuff... John. Bet that beer(s) in St. Charles tasted might good...
posted Jun 23 2013 5:32PM - Billy, Mokane

John, did you get any independent evidence as was posted on the previous one day rides such as photos with locations and clock times from other people? Starting time and ending time physical records too?
posted Jun 23 2013 6:34PM - Pseudio

Since there is no sanctioning body, or official records, What would any evidence be required for?
posted Jun 25 2013 8:56PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

Take a deep breath and calm yourself.
posted Jun 26 2013 6:52AM - Billy, Mokane

John, how do like the Clement MSO Explor tires? I just put them on both of our 29ers for gravel road/path rides.
posted Jun 26 2013 9:21AM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

You guys need to know something about peer review since as far as I can see only about 4-5 people have done this before. Ask Paul Toigo if this evidence is acceptable to him to be believable. Ray are you going to post this in the one day forum? Billy and Mid-South, I'm from the IRS trust me.
posted Jun 29 2013 7:43PM - Pseudio

L O L! Pseudio, you're killin' me man!

Good job John, no further documentation needed.
posted Jun 30 2013 5:05AM - Darrell, Jefferson City, Mo.

Whether John did it in 15:27 or not matters only to him. It is his adventure, not anyone else's.
posted Jun 30 2013 7:04AM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

Hopefully Pseudio is starting to learn something about peer review.
posted Jun 30 2013 11:33AM - Doug, Bluffton

Good Job John. Could you send us something off your Garmin?

Since there is no sanctioning body or official records, here's my record.

Tues. Jun 23, Rode Clinton to St. Charles in 17:37 min. on my Specialized Roubaix S-Works.

I had a great time Billy, MidSouth, Darrell and Doug. Wish you were with me at the end to buy me a beer.

posted Jul 1 2013 6:43AM - Pseudio

I had a cooler of ice-cold beer waiting for you in St Charles but I left after waiting 20 minutes. I guess my watch is fast. :-)
posted Jul 1 2013 10:24AM - Jim, St Thomas

John's Garmin data is listed above, June 23rd was not a Tuesday.
posted Jul 1 2013 11:02AM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

At least Pseudio is maintaining his standards for honesty and fairness.
posted Jul 1 2013 3:49PM - Doug, Bluffton

Im glad you guys are interested in my ride. Why did you doubt it? I can provide more information.. 235 total miles, average speed 15.45 mph, max temps 94 degrees. Oh yea, my bike had armadillos so no flats. Thanks for the vote of confidence and "peer review". Same standards of "transparency".
posted Jul 2 2013 7:30AM - Pseudio

I'm with MidSouth on this one: In the absence of an organized ride or sanctioning group, no one cares about supporting documentation. Only John knows if he did what he says he did.

BUT.....I've said it here before, and I'll use this opportunity to say it here again: Gravel ultra-endurance rides are rapidly gaining popularity. The one day KATY-'Kross Missouri ride is begging for sponsorship and leadership. My suggestion is that it starts in Clinton at 30 min before the sun comes up on the Sat closest to Jun 21 every year, with cold drinks, to follow in St. Charles. Maybe throw in a Poweraide stop in Booneville and McKittrick?

Somebody? Anybody? Any takers?
posted Jul 2 2013 7:54AM - ArkyKenny

If someone really wants to do it with "certification" and all of that stuff, all they have to do it contact Ultra Marathon Cycling Association. They have officials that actually come out and verify all that kind of thing.

If someone just wants to do it for the challenge and share their experience on this board...I'm good with that as well.

What I find tiring is the "sniping" on this board.

That's my 2 cents. I'm out of here for a ride....
posted Jul 2 2013 9:11AM - El Toro

Congratulations on a great ride John, I have added you to the list of one-day riders.

Pseudio, I wasn't sure whether you were being serious about 17:37, or just trying to make a point about peer review (my irony detector is not working yet this early in the morning). If you truly did it, please drop me a line or post a note here to clarify for me, and I'll get you listed too.

Regarding the discussion of evidence, obviously this is all done on the honor system because, well, mainly because we have no choice. But beyond that, I would hope that anyone tempted to lie would feel too ashamed to take credit where it's not due. Until someone starts offering prize money (sorry, not me), that'll have to do.
posted Jul 3 2013 5:12AM - Ray (webmaster)


This is a topic that really requires a whiteboard and several beers for me to debate. However, since I’ve been called out, I feel compelled to chime in. Please preface every sentence that follows with “IMHO”.

Given what passes for journalism, alternate realities provided by lawyers to fix “mistakes”, win-at-all-but-don’t-get-caught-costs, faith-based economics, faith-based science, grandstanding talking heads making straw men nation we’ve become; it’s hard to know which way is up. <sarcasm> However, since we can count on certifiable testing to keep cycling honest at the highest level, we should be able to have the same confidence for the KATY-in-a-day feat, right?</sarcasm>

Is the evidence acceptable to me to believe that John Mathias rode the KATY-in-a-day? No. Is the evidence acceptable to me to believe that I rode the KATY-in-a-day. Again, no. Yes, I did it. Yes, I tell my friends and family. It was published here by the actions of others (I don’t fault them for it) and alluded to by me when I refuted William Sharples’ claim of doing so on the same day when the evidence he presented contradicted my experience.

The evidence notwithstanding, Mr. Mathias’s claim is not one for the record book. For a few years now, the KATY trail has been at its full length of 235 miles (plus detours) with its Eastern terminus at Machens, not St. Charles. To the best of my knowledge, no one has claimed to ride the full length of the KATY in a single day. Mother Nature has been cruel to those who have tried.

Several years ago, I approached UMCA about including the KATY trail in their timed records and was summarily rejected. I’m halfway around the world now, but I’ll have the time and resources to be the sanctioning body starting next year.

P.S. Who wants to join me for a 2014 KATY-in-a-day assault?

P.P.S. Pseudio, do I know you?
posted Jul 3 2013 8:10AM - Paul Toigo, Kansas City

Paul, I appreciate your comments. The time period John rode I believe the St. Charles to Machens section was closed. So you are correct, the entire length has not been ridden in one day yet. If my schedule permits I may join you in 2014. Yes, you do know me and please temper that sochu in the land of the morning calm.
posted Jul 6 2013 7:41AM - Pseudio

Since the Katy is only open dawn to dusk, a one-day ride would be limited to daylight hours, only. Obviously, the longest day of the year would be the time to do this. How about a dawn to dusk ride, sleep and finish the next day. Less than 24 hours riding time should qualify for "ride the katy in a day," right? Try riding 100 miles on the Katy. It's like riding 150 on the road.
posted Jul 17 2013 10:22AM - T, Rocheport

My vote is keep it simple. Midnight to midnight, local time.
posted Jul 20 2013 9:01PM - Paul Toigo, Kansas City MO

Hey Ray,

Can you add my ride to the list? Just saw the One-Day .aspx page. It was actually a group of 5 of us that started together everyone finished separately by the end of the day. We did it June 23, 2012 a couple of weeks after finishing the Dirty Kanza 200.

We only did the 227 mile version because we didn't realize it went to Machens. We knew it went to St. Charles and our support guy was familiar with the spot behind the casino there.

Garmin Link is here: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/192284954

June 23, 2012
Cannondale SuperX
Some kind of Bontrager slicks 700x35

Moving Time 13:18:12
Elapsed Time 15:03:24
Avg Speed 17.0 mph
81F average temp.

Support crew stops about every 30 miles. Nearly perfect day with hardly any wind and some overcast sky for quite a bit of the day. Trail was in excellent condition with zero trees down and no obstacles to overcome. Trail was packed tight, no water spots and only a few ruts. Truly a day to remember. I want to go back with my wife and our tandem to enjoy the trail over a few days instead of just one next time.
posted Apr 27 2016 2:46PM - Ben Bolin, Kansas City, MO

Got it, thanks Ben! And congratulations!
posted Apr 27 2016 8:35PM - Ray (webmaster)

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