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Watering Holes in Winter/Early Spring

I'm planning to ride the trail from W to E the week of March 17. Does anybody know if the water taps at the trailheads will be in service by then?
posted Mar 1 2013 7:58PM - Fighting Illini

Nope.....April 1 is opening day.
posted Mar 1 2013 9:01PM - Anonymous

Agreed. Most of the trailhead restrooms and water taps are closed off for winter.
posted Mar 2 2013 9:45AM - Jharte, Kansas City

I'm glad to hear someone else is doing the trail the same week. It doesn't make me feel so insane. I was getting real nervous about all the snow but the show most go on.

I think there are enough towns on the route that water won't be an issue.
posted Mar 2 2013 10:32PM - Luke, San Diego

If you are willing to venture off the trail just a little bit, I too believe you will find water and other provisions. Make good use of this site to identify those grocery stores, etc. Some of them are a bit "hidden" once you're on the trail. In my experience, the few notes I made and had in my jersey pocket, were VERY useful the first few trips on the KATY.

I hope the weather is fabulous and that have a marvelous time!
posted Mar 3 2013 12:05AM - Anonymous

Thanks for the tips.

Luke, I think we'll be a few days behind you, but hope to see you out there. I think the snow should be melted by then, but I expect we'll see wet trails.

By the way, I wouldn't gauge your sanity against our actions. If it was easy and predictable it wouldn't be much of an adventure!
posted Mar 3 2013 8:47AM - Fighting Illini

I would definitely take a camelbak and load up anywhere you can at that time of the year. Its gets a little dry from about Rocheport east unless as they said you know where the private places are off the trail.
posted Mar 3 2013 10:53AM - DSD

Fighting illini,

My email is luke23@gmail.com. Perhaps we can swap emails or twitter. I can offer updates and tips if I'm ahead of you.

My tentative trip plan is
Day 1: train KC to warrensburg. Ride to Windsor (rmaybe Clinton) then stay in Sedalia.

Day 2: Sedalia > Rocheport or New Franklin

Day 3: Rocheport > Tebbets

Day 4: Tebbets > Augusta

Day 5: Augusta > St. Louis.

I will be doing a combination of camping and motel/BB.

Getting super excited to get back to my Midwest roots.
posted Mar 3 2013 5:46PM - Luke, San Diego

Luke, I don't think anything in Tebbets is open in March
posted Mar 4 2013 4:15PM - Anonymous

The shelter in Tebbetts has water, frig, and the last time I was there the coffee maker and microwave were working, so you could bring some freeze dried chow to cook up. There isn't a regular cooking stove.
posted Mar 5 2013 10:15AM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

Thanks for the heads up guys. I will be sure to stock up in Jeff City before arriving to Tebbets.
posted Mar 5 2013 10:40AM - Luke , San Diego

Luke, if you have a camelback or the ability to carry water other than a frame mounted bottle, then you should be fine. All of the cafe and bike shops along the way will gladly fill your water bottles. I ate lunch in Hartsburg, at the Grand (which I highly recommend) and they asked me if I needed any water bottles filled while I was eating lunch.
posted Mar 6 2013 11:33AM - Figs, Olathe, KS

Luke, Be sure and check if you plan on using the shelter at Tebbitts. Last spring when I rode there in March, it was padlocked.
posted Mar 7 2013 11:20AM - Anonymous

The Katy Trail Shelter in Tebbetts is always locked. Click on Tebbetts on the map above and go to the shelter website for information about the key location.
posted Mar 7 2013 11:54AM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

I'm glad to see there are some other folks willing to brave the elements for a early bike ride. I'm planning to ride it the week of March 23-30. Paarty of 6, 2 adults and 4 kids. I really hate to waste the kids' spring break by sitting around, so we are going to give it a go and see what happens. As has been posted already, nothing seems to open until April 1st. We plan on camping all the way, and utilizing the hostel in Tebbets. Just not sure what day we will arrive. My email is 2214mja@gmail if one of you earlier riders wanted to contact me or give me a heads up that would be awesome.
posted Mar 8 2013 1:09PM - SofiAndMe, Bettendorf, IA

On this comment forum go to "Use tags to filter" pick the "water" tag, hit apply tags, and then scroll down to the post by Dawn Fredrickson, 11/2/12 "Katy Trail Bathrooms Winterized" and you'll see where she listed bathrooms that remain open during the winter. I know you are concerned about water, but bathrooms are a big issue for me. Enjoy your ride.
posted Mar 12 2013 9:51PM - Cathy, Jefferson City

Thanks for the tip! Bathrooms will be a welcome luxury.
posted Mar 13 2013 11:19AM - Fighting Illini

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