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Hiking the Katy Trail

I am thinking about hiking the Katy Trail, us it as a build up to a section hike to the Appalachian Trail. I'm just not sure if there is enough places to stay, such as camping. Would anyone with more familiarity with the trail let me know what they think.

Thanks, NB
posted Mar 21 2012 10:26AM - NB, Fredericktown Mo

Having spent time on both, I find no comparison between the two trails. One is flat and smooth. The other is steep and rough. The KATY is a fine place to hike. It could be useful to help break in a pack and some boots and check out the rest of your equipment, but I would think that would be the limit of its usefulness as preparation for the Appalachian. That's just my 2 cents.
posted Mar 21 2012 5:04PM - Anonymous

NB, I sort of agree with Anonymous that hiking on the Katy might not be the best training for the Appalachian Trail. However, it is lot better than doing nothing. There are a couple of blogs at this site where individuals hiked/backpacked the entire trail, which you may find useful.

A better and closer option for you would be hiking/backpacking the Ozark Trail. That would give you some good training for the Appalachian Trail. There are several primitive campsites along that trail, and in general, unlike the Katy, you have the flexibility to camp anywhere along the trail as long as you follow their published guidelines.
posted Mar 22 2012 3:25PM - Steve K, Saint Louis, MO

Ozark trail is a great recommendation for preparation for the Appalachian.
posted Mar 23 2012 4:11PM - Anonymous

I have to agree with Anonymous. While walking on the Katy is fun (biking is more so)... we did a few sections on the Ozark Trail last summer and it is much more challenging. Carrying a pack up and down those hills is alot tougher than doing it on the Katy. Love the Katy, but I'd do some trekking on some of the Ozark Trail sections. It's also much more remote and will be more like hiking the Appalachian.
posted Mar 30 2012 3:40PM - Kim, Independence

I just finished hiking/backpacking the KATY trail 90 miles from Clinton to Huntsdale. Definitely not a training hike for the Himalayas, but great fun. I saw no other hikers. I had to plan where to sleep and sources of food and water. Often it is 12 miles or further between services. Coming out of Sedalia I carried 3.5 liters of water which as you know is very heavy. No water in Clifton City- until you get to Pilot Grove. Hardest was no place to rest your feet. But I recommend this !! I am planning to walk the next 100 miles, hopefully soon. I would be glad to share my stages with others as I found hardly anything on hiking. Love.
posted Oct 17 2016 3:11PM - Maggie

Have you looked at the C&O Towpath, I think it would be a good training hike. Every five miles there are free camp sites with water and a town every 20 or 30 miles for resupply.You could use Amtrak to get to DC and hike the three miles to the start. Hike all the way to Cumberland Md and take Amtrak home
posted Oct 17 2016 6:22PM - eddie62, Gloucester VA.

While the fitness to be gained form long walks on the Katy is useful in any environment...having spent time on both...

One (the KATY) is a walk.

The other (the AT) is a HIKE.

They are worlds apart.
posted Oct 17 2016 11:24PM - Anonymous

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