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Hart Creek Bistro - Opening Soon

Greetings all. I just wanted to let you know that I'll be opening Hart Creek Bistro on March 30, 2012 in the former Summit Lake Winery Hartsburg location. Our menu will include light appetizers, sandwiches, wraps and most weekends will feature an "off menu" special and live music. We'll continue to carry the full line of Summit Lake wines, as well as your favorite domestic and imported beers. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing you all really soon.
posted Feb 24 2012 9:31AM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

That sounds very exciting! I can't wait to stop in this summer on our Katy Trail ride! Good luck with your new business!
posted Feb 24 2012 11:50AM - Katy Trail Rider, Belton

Thank you for providing this service. All best wishes with your new business. Will look forward to stopping in some time next month.

Will you have regular hours each week? Be open seasonally?

posted Feb 25 2012 10:37PM - Anonymous

Thanks for the well wishes. We look forward to serving you. Our hours will be 10am to 10pm, Tuesday through Sunday. I'd be glad to open on Monday upon request. Thanks again!
posted Feb 26 2012 11:44AM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

That sounds great! We'll be looking forward to spending some time at your place when we do the DNR ride in June.
posted Feb 26 2012 2:05PM - Ktytrfan, Palmyra, Mo.

Far out! Look forward to stopping over there. Much success in your new venture.
posted Mar 23 2012 8:11PM - Jackie, Lees Summit

Explain what you mean by open on Monday by request. Our Katy Trail trip will take us through Hartsburg on a monday. If we ask you to be open does that mean you will open just for two people?
posted Mar 23 2012 10:07PM - Pam O, Independence

Pam: We've changed that, I just hadn't had a chance to post it yet. We'll be open 7 days per week now. As to your second question, I live next door to the building, and I would have gladly opened for you. Thanks for asking!
posted Mar 24 2012 6:59PM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

Well Bud, I guess we will be seeing you in June then. Thanks and Good Luck!!
posted Mar 24 2012 11:16PM - Pam O, Independence

Well folks, it looks like we're about ready to go. We're stocking inventory today and trying for a "soft" opening tomorrow at 10:00 AM. As for this weekend, we have Russell Hyde with acoustic guitar on Friday from six to nine, bluegrass with Hickory Moon Saturday from three to six and Artie's Univibe on Sunday at the same times. Stop By and enjoy our patio for a while! Thanks for your support!
posted Mar 27 2012 10:36AM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

Bud- excited to stop by on Sunday! That little A-frame has been a frequent bike stop of mine for years. Do you think you'll have a website up and running soon? I'd like to pass menu/wine/hours info on to others out of state. Thanks!!
posted Mar 28 2012 12:17PM - katie, jefferson city

Just wanted to thank everyone that's stopped by so far. You guys have us off to a great start, and we're looking forward to an awesome year of fun, music and friends! Just as an advisory, we can't accept credit or debit cards yet, but the paperwork is done and the machine will be here at the first of next week. Thanks again for your support. We appreciate all of you!
posted Apr 3 2012 9:19PM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

Bud, until you have a website or Ray can put it on bikekatytrail.com, would you please post your street address and phone number? Thanks!
posted Apr 4 2012 7:39AM - Just Sayin', Kansas City, MO

Of course. We're at 15 East Main in Hartsburg, and our number at the moment is 573-657-9782. That will be changing when the card machine is installed, as we're going with a different provider. Thanks.
posted Apr 4 2012 9:37AM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

Thanks Bud, I have you listed on the Hartsburg page now. Thanks for giving the Katy Trail travelers a new spot to refuel. Good luck!
posted Apr 4 2012 11:13AM - Ray (webmaster)

Thanks, Ray. I appreciate it. Just as a reminder to all, we have live music again on Friday (6 to 9) Saturday (4 to 7) and Sunday (3 to 6.) Friday will be Russell Hyde, Saturday is Foxfire and Sunday is Artie's Univibe. Thanks again for all of your support. You guys are awesome and Hartsburg appreciates you!
posted Apr 4 2012 3:18PM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

Alright folks, I'm going to kick off the barbeque specials this weekend with a pork dinner. Carolina style pulled pork, bread, and choice of two sides plus a soft drink for $8.50. As always, we have live music Friday through Sunday. Thanks again for your support!
posted Apr 17 2012 4:55PM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

Just a heads up, folks. We can now accept credit cards for your convenience. Thanks again for your support!
posted Apr 19 2012 3:02PM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

Bud, are we able to do a wine tasting as at the Summit Lake Holts Summit location? That location is closed this Saturday, April 28, when we were starting our Missouri River Wine trail trip from Kansas City.
posted Apr 23 2012 4:46PM - winetast3r, kansas city mo

Winetast3r: Yes, we do tastings just as Summit Lake does. Stop by any time and we'll be glad to help you. Thanks!
posted Apr 24 2012 2:07PM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

Stopped in this evening to check it out. We only had appetizers and beers but the food, beers and service were good. We'll be back.
posted Apr 24 2012 8:35PM - Jim, St. Thomas

Stopped by for a late dinner last night -- great service, delicious food and a nice glass of red wine! Highly recommend. Sharon
posted Apr 25 2012 10:56PM - sharonbikes, Kansas City

So happy to hear about you! Any plans for a bluegrass session?
posted Apr 30 2012 9:36AM - nursmand, Columbia

Yep, we have bluegrass from time to time. Hickory Moon will be playing on May 12. I'll announce the time as soon as we firm it up. Thanks!
posted Apr 30 2012 7:41PM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

We ate here twice on a recent Katy trip. The food was great, and the 1-man staff provided outstanding service. I highly recommend the Hart Creek Bistro for a lunch stop!
posted May 2 2012 8:45PM - Sean Goode, Currently Mascutah Ill

Any music on Friday night May 4?
posted May 2 2012 8:59PM - Haank, New Haven Mo

Any word yet about when Hickory Moon might be playing on Saturday? Hoping to stop in for dinner with friends.
posted May 10 2012 9:00PM - nursmand, columbia

Hickory Moon will be playing from 4 to 7. Hope to see you soon!
posted May 11 2012 4:13PM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

I'm thinking about traveling the Katy trail for my first time this Friday. What do campers typically do to get cleaned up to eat (here)? It doesn't look like many camping facilities along the trial have showers, in particular none in Hartsburg. Having never ridden the trail, I have no idea how dirty i'll get. Thanks!
posted May 15 2012 12:42PM - Alex, Overland Park

Alex: Most folks just wash up at the trailhead. There are restrooms and running water there. We don't mind a little trail dust though. Come on in.
posted May 15 2012 1:13PM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

Stopped by the Bistro last week on the way to St. Charles. Had a great club sandwich. Really a nice place to stop and take a break. Highly recommend stopping if you are in the area. Would like to have sampled the beer but was on a 100 mile day trip and didn't think that would help. Maybe next time. Keep up the good work.
posted May 22 2012 9:36AM - terry, kokomo in

Do you have live music scheduled July 1 - July 6? If so, what are the dates/times?
posted Jun 26 2012 2:28PM - WW, Denver

July 1 will be Artie's Univibe from 4 to 7. July 6 will be Oatmeal for the Foxhounds from 6 to 9. We normally schedule up and coming acts on Wednesdays, but we didn't bother with the fourth, as we'll be closing early. Thanks!
posted Jun 27 2012 10:18AM - Bud Ditzfeld, Hartsburg

It was nice to meet you the other day; it puts a personality with a face. Hope you have a successful venture and enjoy the trail and its travelers as much as Joey and I. Stop by and visit.
posted Jun 29 2012 4:35PM - rich lauer, mckittrick

Thanks for everything !! We loved the Bistro !!
posted Jul 7 2012 10:34PM - Ginnis and Rook, Rochester Hills, Michigan

Plan on riding the Hartsburg area this Saturday...will you have music, and if so, who??? Thanks!
posted Jul 10 2012 11:55AM - Robin, Macon

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