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shuttle services

Are there shuttle services available along the Katy trail that will transport luggage only from one location to another? We want to plan a multiple day trip, but don't want to have to carry all our belongings along the way.
posted Aug 9 2009 12:05PM - dzelinka, Scottsdale, AZ

I believe shuttle services along Katy trail would drop you off to start your ride or would pick you up after your ride (advanced reservation required, of course). Some have a fixed run schedule as listed on "Shuttle Ride" link of this website. I think you want supported ride which is not what the shuttle services would do. Try Independent tourist who is advertising on this website. MO dept of Natural Resources (DNR) hosts supported tour once a year in the month of June. Its website is at katytrailstatepark.com
posted Aug 14 2009 12:45AM - bikerstuff, Saint Charles, MO

I was on the trail last week and used the shuttle run by Katy Bike Rental in Defiance. They were easy to deal with and very cooperative so you might want to check them out. Call Tod at 314-578-7300. I found them on the Share a Shuttle page on this web site.
posted Aug 21 2009 6:16AM - Anonymous

I wonder how this would work? Timing of leaving your luggage could be an issue, and they would probably have to charge just like they were doing a regular shuttle, don't you think?
posted Aug 29 2009 12:26PM - Anonymous, Hermann

If you have your trip planned out so you know where you will be staying, one option would be to ship a portion of your belongings to you in care of the B&B or hotel. This should be arranged with the management of course to see if it is do-able. Once you arrive, you could then ship some of your "used" belongings to your home address.
posted Sep 1 2009 7:55PM - Gary, O''Fallon

Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the DNR sponsored Katy trail ride in June limit you to one bag of “luggage” per person?

I went one year and stayed in hotels, so no big deal. However, if I wanted to camp, I am not sure I really want to stuff all my things in one bag considering that my camping gear may be dirty/soaked.
posted Sep 2 2009 8:44AM - stevo, saint louis, mo

"Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the DNR sponsored Katy trail ride in June limit you to one bag of “luggage” per person? "

The year I did the ride (2007) I brought along a large duffel bag with most of my stuff and carried one pannier on my bike with things I might need on the trail, such as fresh socks, sunblock, first-aid, snacks, and tool/patch kit. I camped out and didn't have any problem packing my camping stuff in the duffel and picking it up again at the end of the day.
posted Sep 2 2009 10:58AM - Anonymous

The annual DNR-sponsored Katy Trail ride in June allows you to bring two 50-lb. bags of luggage. I've ridden the ride twice and was successfully able to shove all my gear and one-man tent into two duffel bags. I'm pretty sure they both weighed 50 lbs apiece at the beginning of the ride. They seemed heavier towards the end of the ride. :)
posted Sep 3 2009 9:17AM - Dawn Fredrickson, Katy Trail State Park Coordinator

"Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the DNR sponsored Katy trail ride in June limit you to one bag of “luggage” per person? "

How does this relate to the original poster's question? He doesn't say that he's doing the DNR ride, just wants to shuttle some luggage
to avoid carrying it all.
posted Sep 5 2009 9:04AM - Gary, O''''Fallon

Gary, if you read the second post, somebody mentions the DNR ride and the fact that they shuttle luggage for you. I thought it relevant was the fact they limit luggage (as it turns out to 2 bags, not one), and if the original poster was interested in that ride, they may want to consider that.

posted Sep 5 2009 6:06PM - stevo, saint louis

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