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Burr Oak Tree (McBaine)

I drove by the Big Tree today.. I'm actually trying to get more information about the tree. Does anyone know who owns the land it's on? I noticed that it's marker has been vandalized ):
posted Jun 21 2007 12:14AM - Steph, Titusville, FL

This person owns both sides of the street the tree is on:

posted Jun 22 2007 12:59PM - Michael, Columbia

It is the Missouri State Champion Bur Oak, in fact. Last measured
It is 84 feet tall with a spread of 116 feet. It has a circumference of 272 inches at 54" above the ground. It's about 350 years old.

The big tree is located on the Williamson farm, about a mile from Huntsdale,Missouri, in the Missouri River floodplain.

There were some fears locally that it would not survive the Great Flood of 1993, but despite standing in six feet of water for awhile, the tree survived without problems.

The big tree has been a favorite local destination for generations. It's a great spot for picnics, or just to visit. It's also very photogenic. Some of the residents of Huntsdale try to keep the tree safe and cleaned up, but it is difficult when some visitors just trash the area and graffiti the stone.

Enjoy - Ana
posted Jun 28 2007 11:34AM - Ana, Huntsdale MO

I think it is amazing.......lots of history...even more appealing is my family history in this area!
posted Jun 28 2007 7:49PM - D.McBaine, Warrensburg

I grew up on the williams farm it used to stretch accross the whole bottom my grandmother owns luciles tavern in mcbaine she knows the history of the whole river bottom and I am pretty sure that tree is the biggest burr oak in the world but i could be wrong
John Williams who owns the land fought against the katy trail as the land used to build the railroad was leased from the local farmers and was suppose to be returned to them if the rail pulled out instead it was stolen by the government from the local land owners they fought it to (I can be wrong) the US Supreme Court but in the end the lost and the katy trail isn't as bad as they all thought it would be anyways..just fyi
posted Apr 14 2009 4:06AM - brennan, phoenix

I am glad they "stole" it. The old railroad grade won't grow anything but white rocks anyway. Might as well use it ride bicycles.
posted Apr 16 2009 7:27PM - Arkie

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